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In this press release, we announce that Vista Equity Partners will be acquiring a majority stake in Mediaocean. Read the full press release below to find out more.


Mediaocean, a leading software company for the advertising world, today announced that a majority stake of the company will be acquired by Vista Equity Partners, a leading private equity firm focused on software, data, and technology-enabled businesses. Vista’s involvement will accelerate global growth and further drive product innovation for Mediaocean.

“Vista’s investment is the next great milestone for Mediaocean and presents a significant opportunity to continue to build on our success, and truly advance the marketplace forward,” said Bill Wise, CEO of Mediaocean. “Our vision has always been to provide advertisers, agencies, broadcasters and publishers with a top-tier, converged advertising ecosystem. Partnering with Vista will allow us to accelerate progress in achieving this goal, while solidifying our leadership in the industry.” 

Mediaocean is the leading software company for the global advertising world, and is the only open cross-media, software platform that enables more than 80,000 users to bridge traditional and digital media. By automating every aspect of the advertising workflow, Mediaocean’s platforms integrate ad-tech, data solutions and supply partners for complete ease of use. Managing more than $100 billion in annual global ad spend and data, advertisers, agencies, broadcasters and publishers rely on Mediaocean’s infrastructure to run business effectively.

“Four years ago we created Mediaocean with the goal of providing the industry with an open platform to easily integrate campaigns across all traditional and digital media. I am truly proud of our growth and progress to date and believe that working together with Vista will allow us to continue to build on this success,” said Michael Donovan, executive chairman of Mediaocean. “When Vista approached us, we were impressed by its strategic vision. They operate more like an enterprise software holding company than a classic private equity firm with nearly 200 employees -- most of whom are operators, not finance professionals.”

Mediaocean and Vista will be working closely together to evaluate key drivers for successful growth. Those drivers include continued investment in existing solutions to further the convergence of TV and digital video, expansion of Mediaocean’s product portfolio with enhanced campaign planning, as well as expansion of Mediaocean’s international footprint and market share in targeted European countries.

Vista is a value-added investor with an extensive track record of helping companies achieve operational, product and customer service excellence by contributing professional expertise and proven best practices.

"Michael and Bill's combined vision and know-how have built a mission-critical and integrated platform that makes Mediaocean the best-in-industry partner for their customers to stay competitive,” said Robert F. Smith, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Vista Equity Partners. “Together we can strengthen and expand Mediaocean’s existing solutions while pursuing exciting new growth opportunities in a dynamic and ever-evolving industry.”

According to Brian Sheth, Co-Founder and President of Vista Equity Partners, "We are thrilled that an industry pioneer and visionary like Michael Donovan will continue to play such a valuable role at Mediaocean, and that in Bill Wise we are able to partner with a successful CEO with extensive leadership experience.”

Michael Donovan will continue as a key board member and will retain the remaining equity in Mediaocean. The transaction is expected to close in Q3 2015. Financial terms have not been disclosed.

Mediaocean is proud to announce our newest partnership with Cox Reps, to offer targeted local digital opportunities to complement traditional TV buys at a local market level. 


NEW YORK, June 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Mediaocean, the leading software platform provider for the advertising world, and Cox Reps, the leading diversified, cross-platform seller of local advertising, today announced a partnership that will give media buyers access to local market level digital inventory to complement traditional TV buys within the same platform.

Available mid-summer, the Cox Reps integration within Mediaocean's media management platform, Spectra, will allow clients to advertise with major networks while at the same time extending their reach to local audiences in key and targeted markets nationwide.

Brands and agencies can quickly access and manage unique, premium, direct-station inventory in Spectra, activating Cox Reps All Video Execution, C.R.A.V.E., that offers premium video, display, and mobile placements on over 350 TV station websites, and local news and lifestyle websites -- at local, regional, and national levels.

"The need for digital and TV convergence is increasingly important for agencies and brands, and we're working to make that convergence as seamless as possible through our partnerships," said Cordie DePascale, VP of Product and Partner Solutions at Mediaocean. "With Cox Reps' extensive inventory and audience guarantee, this integration ensures buyers the best results for their campaigns."

The integration significantly removes manual steps previously needed in the agency workflow, and ultimately offers agencies an easier way to plan and execute cross-platform campaigns in a holistic way. 

"As leaders in local, cross-platform advertising, Cox Reps is continually looking for ways to increase efficiency of the media buying process for our advertising partners," said Dean Mandel, VP, General Sales Manager, Digital, Cox Reps. "With this integration, the buyer can easily place ads in both TV and digital spaces. This creates a more seamless buying experience, and is a step closer to broadcast and digital convergence."  


Mediaocean is still accepting entries to our Women in Tech scholarship. You can see more information about the scholarship here and check out the press release below.


There is still time to apply for the Mediaocean Women in Technology Scholarship, which aims to support three motivated women with a $25k scholarship each and give them the opportunity to make their dream career in technology a reality.

Open to current undergraduate and graduate students pursuing STEM degrees, applicants must submit a short video online, answering the question, "What is your dream career in tech and how do you plan to achieve it?" Videos will be narrowed down to 10 semi-finalists by a panel of esteemed women in technology, and three winners will subsequently be chosen by public vote.

Over three quarters of Americans agree there should be more women working in technology, and over 70 percent believe that more women in technology would lead to a stronger economy and greater household income. Mediaocean has 30 percent more female employees than other leading tech firms and created Mediaocean's Women in Technology initiative with the knowledge that gender diversity in global business drives growth, creativity, and innovation. The scholarship fund began as part of the initiative, which aims to shape the future of the industry and inspire more women to make waves in tech.

"Our institutions, manufacturing plants, schools, and workplaces have been digitized, and women need to obtain the right skill sets to succeed in today's software-driven society," said Maria Pousa, SVP of Global Marketing at Mediaocean. "Our goal with this scholarship program is to provide the necessary support and guidance to make their success a reality."

Launched externally in 2015, the Mediaocean Women in Technology initiative aims to foster professional development, create greater awareness, and shape future opportunities for women through a blend of support, resources, and education programs. This initiative includes a number of existing internal initiatives as well as a scholarship fund, STEM volunteer days, and partnering with organizations like AWNY and Step Up to help spark interest, support, and encourage women to make waves in the technology industry.

We've recently integrated with FastPay to expedite the payment process in the advertising and marketing industries. Check out the full press release below, and see a full list of our Connect Partners on the Connect Partner Platform site today. 


Mediaocean, the leading software platform provider for the advertising world, and FastPay, the leading provider of liquidity and financial workflow solutions to the media industry, today announced a partnership that will expedite payments throughout the global media supply chain. Payment terms greater than sixty and even ninety days have become the new standard, stressing cash flow for media vendors worldwide. This partnership will expand access to FastPay's accelerated payments platform, providing vendors with a seamless financial solution to manage their media receivables.

"Directly integrating FastPay into Mediaocean's workflow will create a seamless, efficient invoicing and payments experience for both buyers and sellers," said Nick Galassi COO & President, Agency Systems at Mediaocean. "Our partnership with FastPay is a core part of our larger commitment to reduce delays and increase efficiency throughout the entire media ecosystem."

Connected to Mediaocean, FastPay will have the ability to programmatically advance open invoice balances due to media vendors. This will alleviate many of the challenges created by slow payment cycles, boost supplier cash flow, and eliminate scenarios where delayed payments can forestall normal operations or growth potential. 

"Over the past six years, FastPay has developed unmatched credit technology focused on the advertising and media sectors," said Jed Simon, CEO of FastPay. "Integration with Mediaocean enables us to even the playing field for companies of all sizes, equipping all vendors in the media economy with the best-in-class option to manage their cash flow."

Mediaocean is proud to announce our newest partnership with Bounce TV, bringing their inventory into our Spectra system so our clients can more effectively reach their target audience.


New York, NY (June 2, 2015) -- Bounce TV, the nation’s first and only broadcast television network designed for African-American audiences, and Mediaocean, the leading software platform provider for the advertising world, today announced a partnership enabling agencies to access Bounce TV’s inventory within Mediaocean’s media management platform, Spectra. By integrating Bounce TV’s inventory, agencies are able to better manage television advertising campaigns within Mediaocean’s platform.

Spectra offers agencies a complete set of tools to research, buy, manage, and derive intelligence across all linear media. Available beginning today, Bounce TV’s television inventory will be available directly in Spectra, across desktop, mobile, tablet, and home entertainment systems. Agencies are now able to utilize audience data to better customize campaigns and reach the most appropriate audiences. The partnership also enables buyers to compare Bounce TV’s audience data with broadcast stations, cable networks, and advertisers to have a more complete representation of the landscape.

“Bounce TV is the fastest-growing and second most-watched network for African Americans; offering their inventory in Spectra will help both cable and broadcast buyers more effectively reach their target audience through Bounce TV’s rich content and programming,” said Cordie DePascale, VP, Product & Partner Solutions at Mediaocean.

“We pride ourselves on superior service and customized marketing solutions and we expect that Mediaocean’s Spectra platform will help deepen agency relationships and expand partnership opportunities for Bounce TV,” said Elverage Allen, EVP of Advertising Sales for Bounce TV. “Through Spectra we can now objectively quantify our contributions to clients and agencies making our network more visible to planners and buyers.”

Over three quarters of Americans agree there are not enough women working in technology, according to new research released today by Mediaocean. This is in sharp contrast to the strong belief that more women in technology would increase creativity and innovation in the workplace (77 percent and 72 percent, respectively).

As a leading software provider for the global advertising world, with 36 percent of its jobs occupied by women, Mediaocean is officially launching its Women in Technology initiative to influence change and shape the future of the tech industry. With a focus on inspiring more women to make waves in technology, a key element of the initiative is the Mediaocean Scholarship Fund, which will support three women as they pursue their career in technology, with a $25k scholarship each.

According to the research, Americans believe there are fewer women in technology because there isn't enough social support (41 percent), women are less interested in working in tech fields (41 percent), and there is a hiring bias against women (40 percent). Interestingly, one-in-five agree tech is an unfriendly environment for women, and 17 percent considered tech to be "unfeminine."

"Our institutions, manufacturing plants, schools, and workplaces have been digitizing for the past few decades. In fact, there will be 1.4 million openings in tech jobs by 2018, but we don't have enough applicants to fill even 60 percent of those openings," said Maria Pousa, SVP Global Marketing at Mediaocean. "With Mediaocean's Women in Technology initiative and scholarship program, our goal is to engage women and help them acquire the skills necessary to be successful in this new era." 


• Nearly three quarters (73 percent) believe we should start fostering a passion for technology in women 12 years old and younger

• The best ways to encourage more women to break into the technology field are to:

• Raise awareness of career opportunities (87 percent)

• Provide more tech-focused classes in K-12 grades (85 percent)

• Change the perception of women in technology to be more positive (84 percent)

• With more women in technology, respondents believe the average household income would increase (82 percent)

• Women in Technology are most commonly described as intelligent (77 percent), focused (50 percent), and creative (47 percent)

"Diversity is a key factor in driving the success and innovation of technology companies," said Bill Wise, CEO of Mediaocean. "We are proud to be one of the first mid-sized businesses to offer such an initiative and want to encourage all companies to join this conversation and discuss what steps can be taken to ensure women are presented with the same opportunities as their male counterparts."

Scholarships will be awarded to three women pursuing a career in technology  
Open to current undergraduate and graduate students pursuing STEM degrees, Mediaocean hopes that this scholarship will spark interest and give three motivated women the opportunity to make their dream careers in tech a reality. Applicants must submit a short video answering the question, "What is your dream career in tech and how do you plan to achieve it?" by July 1, 2015. Videos will be narrowed down to 10 semi-finalists by a panel of esteemed women in technology, and the three winners will subsequently be chosen by public vote. For more information please visit:

Mediaocean hosts Women in Technology panel at Internet Week 
Today, Mediaocean is hosting "To Lean or Not to Lean," a panel discussion at Internet Week in New York City with Ari Horie, Founder & CEO of Women's Start Up Lab, Despina Papadopoulos, Founder of Principled Design, Nicole Ellis, Managing Director of Solutions for Teach for America, and Shenan Reed, President of Digital, North America of MEC. Following the discussion, Mediaocean will host a networking event at Mediaocean headquarters for the public to continue discussions around women in technology with panelists and employees. Join the conversation by using #WomeninTech on Twitter.

Notes to Editor 
The survey was conducted on behalf of Mediaocean by market intelligence company – Ask Your Target Market, using an online sample of 3,000 U.S. respondents 18+ years old, sourced from AYTM's proprietary panels.

Mediaocean is proud to announce our newest partnership with Videa, bringing more speed, efficiency, and transparency to traditional local broadcast media transactions in Spectra.


ATLANTA, Apr 09, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Videa, a Cox-backed supply-side platform bringing automation and data-driven decision-making to broadcast television, is slated to debut at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas next week. Videa is currently working with seven key broadcast partners including Gannett, Raycom, Media General, Graham Media, and Cox as well as major advertising agencies including Carat / Amplifi and Starcom, to enhance and simplify the buying and selling of television advertising.

First launched in beta in December 2014, Videa has worked with station groups, agencies and rep firms across the spot TV ecosystem to build an automated television solution that optimizes advertising campaigns and enables workflow efficiencies and data enhanced audience targeting.

For local broadcasters, Videa provides a powerful set of products and services driven by insightful reporting tools to enhance their existing sales channels and bring new sources of demand to spot television. By leveraging Videa’s platform, stations can offer features such as transparent pricing, enhanced data, yield and schedule optimization, and improved stewardship. Videa’s platform works across existing sales channels and offers buyers advanced access to the entire premium TV inventory schedule.

As part of its launch, Videa has also inked a key partnership with Mediaocean, the leading software platform provider for the advertising world, to provide agencies unprecedented speed, efficiency and transparency to traditional local broadcast media transactions. As part of the agreement, Videa will be the supply partner for broadcast inventory that will be initially available through Mediaocean’s Spectra.

“Our goal is to continue to make spot television more efficient and more powerful and believe the partnerships we have in place with the broadcasters, agencies, rep firms and Mediaocean are integral in achieving that goal,” said Shereta Williams, president of Videa. “The Videa platform arms local stations with the same capabilities as large networks, helping them efficiently and effectively sell more spot television advertising at scale – something we will continue to do as we evolve our product to include more audience targeting capabilities.”

“The ability to access traditional television advertising using automation provided by Mediaocean and Videa is a critical step forward in convergence,” said Cordie DePascale, vice president, product and partner solutions at Mediaocean. “Embracing this change is essential to success and we are continually evolving to offer our clients a central converged ecosystem. The first step was enabling media buyers to access TV and digital from one platform, and now by partnering with Videa we are offering clients the technology to buy and sell broadcast in the most efficient way.”

Videa is the only TV supply-side platform that provides a broad range of tools to manage sales channel conflict, as well as yield optimization tools. Local broadcasters can now leverage automation and data to enhance existing selling approaches and increase the demand for their inventory while providing advertisers with automation and analytics to reach target audiences with greater speed and accuracy.

Mediaocean is proud to announce our newest partnerships with and, bringing more campaign efficiency and insight to Optica users.


New York, NY, March 26, 2015 -- Mediaocean, the leading software platform provider for the advertising world, today announced two partnerships aimed at bolstering real-time capabilities for its Optica platform. A deal with, the only platform that tracks national TV ads and related digital activity across social, search, and video in real-time, will bring Mediaocean customers deeper insights and more transparency regarding where national ads are running. In addition, Mediaocean has partnered with, a leading Social TV and Social Advertising software provision company, to bring an effective social TV advertising solution to users.

The partnerships will enable greater TV campaign efficiency and insight within Mediaocean’s Optica platform, and allow US agencies and brands to execute and optimize their campaigns with stronger social engagement and greater ROI.

Mediaocean customers can now utilize a portion of’s real-time reporting for all ads airing on national television networks, directly in the Optica platform. Customers will have seamless access to deeper insights on the platform, including earned digital media activity, effectiveness scoring, and other real-time insights that allow brands to better track social media engagement, optimize ads and ultimately improve ad campaign effectiveness. 

“TV ad buyers deserve to know exactly where its ads are running and how they are performing digitally, as the activity happens,” said Robert Bareuther, VP of Business Development for “A partnership between and Mediaocean allows us to deliver unprecedented transparency and actionable intelligence to agencies and brands.”

Optica users can also leverage’s real-time content versioning platform, Story, to create powerful social TV campaigns. Story offers an intuitive curating environment to automatically collect social content and generate versioned spots, so each spot presents more interactive, social and engaging content tailored to specific audiences. According to, the utilization of social TV ads has contributed to an uplift of more than 75 percent in brand affinity and purchase intention as compared to the results of using traditional spots alone. Using Optica, clients can ensure greater workflow automation and cost efficiency for their social TV campaigns. 

Collectively, agencies can better drive engagement with’s spot versioning solution and assess the impact of their campaigns with metrics.

“When it comes to delivering effective TV ads, optimizing campaigns in a timely and connected manner is key. Ad delivery platforms must react more quickly and more intelligently so advertisers can more efficiently manage their campaigns and boost consumer engagement,” said Mike Palmer, SVP, Sales, Optica, at Mediaocean. “We’re working to create a real-time solution that simplifies and streamlines advertising workflows, from the first to last step. Partnering with forward thinking, innovative companies like and is critical to bringing this solution to our clients.”

“These partnerships will create a powerful alliance and offer advertisers a complete one-stop package with regards to the planning, executing, and measuring of social-driven TV advertising, said Scott Davies, CEO of The combination of these benefits, together with the experience of Mediaocean and the capabilities of their Optica platform, will have a major impact on how the advertising industry in the US develops over the coming years.”

These partnerships significantly reduce the manual steps previously needed in the agency workflow and ultimately offer agencies an easier way to plan, execute, and optimize their TV ad campaigns.

Mediaocean is proud to announce our newest partnership with Spotify, bringing their inventory into our Spectra system so our clients can better plan their campaigns across traditional and digital audio.


New York, NY, March 5, 2015 -- Mediaocean, the leading software platform provider for the advertising world, and Spotify, the world’s largest streaming music service, today announced a partnership which will enable agencies to access Spotify’s audio inventory within Mediaocean’s Spectra platform. By integrating Spotify’s inventory and Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics Local (WCML), media buyers are able to better manage their traditional and digital audio campaigns within Mediaocean’s media management platform.

Available beginning March 9th, Spectra users will have access to Spotify's audio inventory across desktop, mobile, tablet, and home entertainment systems. This will allow agencies to utilize the audience data to better customize campaigns and reach the most appropriate audiences. The partnership also enables buyers to compare Spotify’s audience data with broadcast radio stations, other digital audio platforms, and advertisers to have a more complete representation of the audio landscape.

“The convergence of traditional and digital continues to move at a rapid pace. With audio increasingly being consumed digitally, we partnered with Spotify to offer broadcast and digital audio buyers access to inventory from one platform,” said Cordie DePascale, VP, Product & Partner Solutions at Mediaocean. “Embracing this change is essential, and at Mediaocean, we’re always looking for ways to bring the pieces together and offer the industry a unique and unmatched converged ecosystem.” 

Spectra now allows digital audio and broadcast audio media buyers to research, negotiate, traffic, optimize, and analyze Spotify inventory and data, alongside traditional radio, print, TV, and OOH.

“Our goal is to offer our partners an end-to-end software and measurement solution that is in line with industry standards,” said Les Hollander, Senior Director, Audio Sales, Spotify. “Mediaocean is the world-class leader in the space and they have been the single most requested platform from broadcast media buyers around the country.”

This integration significantly removes manual steps previously needed in the agency workflow, and ultimately offers agencies an easier way to plan and execute their campaigns across traditional and digital audio.


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Mediaocean is the leading software platform provider for the marketing world. Its open traditional and digital media platforms empower businesses and professionals across the global marketing ecosystem with intelligent automation, efficiency, and flexibility in their workflow – from planning and buying, to analyzing and optimizing, to invoicing and payments. With over 80,000 advertising professionals conducting 7 million transactions daily across all media channels and managing $100 billion annually through its platforms, Mediaocean drives the marketing universe forward. Mediaocean is headquartered in New York with six offices worldwide. Learn more at, or connect with Mediaocean on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

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