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Buckle up and get cozy, CMOs, because you’re about to embark on a long journey of togetherness with your IT counterpart.


One of the greatest transformations affecting today’s ad agencies, regardless of their size, is their ability to seize the growing number of real-time media buying opportunities that allow them to improve the effectiveness of their creative messages across a wide range of addressable advertising platforms. Three companies capable of delivering such an integrated platform have teamed up to make the solution envisioned a reality.

When an agency or advertiser is working out a budget for a particular commercial, they generally allocate the bulk of their ad spend on media and production costs. But what can sometimes get forgotten are the hidden costs associated with talent – whether the talent is actors, music, footage, etc. So in other words, if campaigns are not tightly managed, unexpected budget-busting expenses can be incurred.Consequently, anyone looking to contract and manage talent for a commercial should be aware of the “hidden costs” in the process. Read more.