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Why choose mScope?

  • Get to the heart of your data, faster with real-time insights
  • Explore trends and patterns to make better decisions
  • Designed for endless uses to get you the exact answers you need
  • Spend less time data collecting and processing

How does mScope work?

mScope is an advanced Business Intelligence tool that provides users with the ability to generate visualizations of all data and publish a wide variety of reports. Using cubed data and direct access to your data warehouse, mScope provides rich analytical data discovery options – you can either access top-level aggregated data or drill down to a more granular level of data. Advanced users also have the ability to generate customized reports including auto-populated recurring reports.

Tech Specs & Compatibility

mScope is a web-based application delivered on a Windows Server and SQL Server platform requiring the Spectra MD or Spectra PF data warehouse. Supported browsers include the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.