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Teams & Roles - AU

Mediaocean products power the world’s advertising. And it’s Mediaocean’s employees that power Mediaocean. Browse below to see what roles people play at Mediaocean—and which might be the best fit for you.

Product Management

Bridge the business and technical worlds as a problem-solver. Product managers work closely with clients and developers to understand what the market needs—and to turn those needs into products that impact our users’ lives. Product managers combine a deep understanding of the client business, a mastery of software, and the people and leadership skills to get it all done.


Our developers bring an array of technical skills and engineering capabilities to turn product concepts into powerful solutions. They work with teams across the organization and across the development cycle—from initial coding, to QA and troubleshooting, to deployment. They’re not afraid to iterate quickly, they live to code—and they build great products.

Quality Assurance

Mediaocean is dedicated to giving all our 80,000+ users the most seamless experience possible. The QA teams are the perfectionists that ensure that the product experience is seamless. They’re passionate about code, are creative in how they test, and won’t relax until they know we’re delivering the best products the industry has to offer.

Account Management

Our account managers identify and implement the solutions that help their business thrive. They combine a passion for improving the advertising world, a strong understanding of our product suite and of the agency business, and the creative problem-solving to turn agency needs into deep, mutually beneficial relationships for the long-term.


Mediaocean support specialists make our products work better for our clients—guiding users through subtle points of our software that may not be obvious at first, and working with the Product, Development, and Marketing teams as the front lines in solving problems that emerge, and delivering a better product with each release.


The Training team gives our users the knowledge to unleash the potential of Mediaocean platforms. Through expert classroom training, on-site support, e-learning, and more, Training combines a mastery of teaching and design with a deep knowledge of our software and our clients’ work to help Mediaocean’s global users get the most from the platforms we deliver.


Mediaocean’s Marketing team lets the global media community, internal teams, and the business world at large understand the value that Mediaocean offers. From driving stunning visual design for our products to getting the word out in the press to working cross-departmentally to drive the latest product and feature releases to our end users, Marketing ensures that our brand is simple to understand, in sync with demand, and top-of-mind in the marketplace.

Project Managers

Project Managers translate Mediaocean’s product vision into the software that transforms our clients’ work. They serve as the bridge across senior management, account teams, developers and clients—tackling any engineering or resource challenge along the way, and, quite simply, making things happen. Mediaocean’s Project Managers are the driving force behind our speed to market.

Human Resources

The Human Resources team’s goal is simple: hire the brightest minds to bring Mediaocean’s vision to life—and give them a great place to work. From recruiting and on-boarding the right candidates, to managing employee wellness, to fostering training organization-wide, the global HR team combines people skills and the understanding of Mediaocean’s products to transform the workplace into a culture—and each job into a path to growth.


To power the world’s advertising, Mediaocean needs a solid infrastructure to make sure we’re strong from the inside out. From servers to monitoring to backups, our infrastructure teams ensure that our products operate reliably; that internal applications and tools work smoothly; and that we have the backend at the ready to deploy the best software today, and tomorrow.


Mediaocean software helps our clients run their finances effectively and efficiently. Our Finance team does the same for Mediaocean. From managing company investments and financial strategies to controlling expenses and costs. Finance is at the heart of making sure our company isn’t just great—it’s profitable. And, of course, Finance only becomes more critical as our company heads into new stages of growth.

Facilities Teams

Mediaocean powers advertising, and the facilities teams create the workplace where that happens—from helping make our space comfortable, to keeping the lights on. From space planning and environmental design to construction, maintenance and safety, they oversee our 11 locations spanning three continents where nearly 1,000 employees, contractors, and guests pass through each day.