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Posts by Cordie DePascale

When building up a tech stack, you want to avoid three key frustrations: solutions that require additional log-ins, more data to extract, and lengthy ramp-up to incorporate in their own workflows. Mediaocean's Connect knows this well. In fact, an entire arm of business has been built in order to help clients’ simplify their integration of the latest tools, technologies, and suppliers. We outline what some of those basic principles are so you can use in them when building your own tech stack.

Marketers frequently reference the John Wannamaker quote, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half” when talking about their struggle with advertising spend, especially for cross-channel campaigns. But to overcome this, marketers can apply four principles of direct-response to improve their understanding of return on ad spend. 

Convergence is hands-down the most critical, disruptive trend in our industry today.  But what will it take to reach true convergence?

Cordie DePascale, VP, Product & Partner Solutions, discusses the available data on audience viewing and how the industry should address delayed viewing.

In this video, Cordie DePascale, VP, Product & Partner Solutions, discusses the quality of content coming from major broadcast networks and cable.