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Posts by Mediaocean Marketing

In an op-ed on Linkedin, Mediaocean's CEO Bill Wise explains that despite popular opinion, TV is far from dead and the Super Bowl is living proof. 

In an op-ed on Linkedin, Mediaocean's CEO Bill Wise discusses the value of flexibility and having expertise in multiple fields as we move towards a future of the middle path: innovations that transform traditional products via new technology. 

In an op-ed for the Huffington Post, Mediaocean's CEO Bill Wise discusses how "Firebrands" like Trump may have a definitive advantage in the current and future digital landscape.

Mediaocean's Chief Revenue Officer, Ramsey McGrory, discusses convergence, interoperability, the evolution of media, and a changing ecosystem in the worlds of TV and video in a Q&A with Exchange Wire. 

“Spotlight On” is a series of employee profiles that will give our community insight into who Mediaocean is, right down to the people that make us our best!  Here we interview Teena Luhadiya, Operations Excellence Manager, Client Services.