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A Day at the Beach with the Testaverde Fund for Spinal Cord Injury

by Jacqueline Honig
August 14, 2014

Recently, Mediaocean employees volunteered at the Wheels2Water event for the Testaverde Fund for Spinal Cord Injury. The Testarverde Fund arranges a day at the beach to take physically disabled individuals to the ocean to surf. It gives these men and women the opportunity to enjoy the recreational and therapeutic activities associated with water sports and improves the overall quality of life and health.

We arrived on the beach early in the morning – it was a cloudy day and we were hoping that the weather would hold out. There were 25 participants anxiously waiting to surf and a beach full of volunteers eager to start the day. Our group was so diverse and even included a surfer, a model, a teacher, and of course, staff members from various department at Mediaocean. From Mediaocean alone, we had volunteers from many different departments – from developers, to products analysts, to recruiters and support specialists. Although many of us had never worked with each other before, we worked together seamlessly that day.

Together we worked to make sure the surfers were safe and having fun. We spotted the surfers so when they fell off the boards, we were there waiting to help get them back up. We transported them to and from the shoreline in specially designed wheelchairs and helped guide them on the board from the shoreline into the surf, cheering them on as they rode the waves. What an experience! By providing encouragement and assistance for the day, we were able to share our team spirit and unity with everyone at the event.

The correlation between our philanthropy day at the beach and our day-to-day jobs was astonishing. It was almost as if we were at the office working on a project together – we worked together so well. When you put together a group of coworkers, it’s amazing what you can accomplish, both at work and at an event!

While the ocean was slightly chilly the event warmed our hearts. The smiles on the participant’s faces were so bright it overshadowed the cloudy skies. This day was inspiring and fun, and I’m grateful to work for a company that promotes giving back and gives us the day to something so rewarding.



Jacqueline Honig is a Product Manager at Mediaocean managing Spectra DS applications. Her areas of expertise are the common code behind the applications, application security, and project management. Jackie has also been leading our philanthropic and charity committee for two years.

Her passions are traveling, having fun, giving back, and trying to make the world a better place to live.  Jackie feels every action is counted – we all have to make small efforts or nothing would ever change.  You will always find Jackie near the ocean with friends and family.