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First Annual Holiday Bake-off Takes the Cake!

December 18, 2012

We had our First Annual Holiday Bake-off this week, and the results were… well, just a little too delicious. Both New York and New Jersey offices took part with vast arrays of overly-tempting treats, baking expertise, and fierce competition!

The New York office went for a cookie-centric, “Let’s try a hundred different kinds of cookies and rate them!” approach to the bake-off: everything from Mexican Wedding, to Loaded Oatmeal, to Cajun Delight (with an invented recipe!) to Brownie, to Chips Galore… and, of course, the winner: Michelle Clayton’s Linzer Hearts. Judging was based on presentation, taste and texture. According to one of the judges, Houran Aghabozorgi, it was a tough call with so many amazing choices, “But alas, judgments had to be made.”

The Jersey office, refusing to be bound by any kind of cookie limitation, chose to submit the most decadent desserts they could dream up. We’re looking at you, Alix Foster (with your ridiculously rich Butterscotch Fudge Brownies!) Talk about overkill! As for you, first place winner Brian “Ultimate Strawberry Cheesecake” Carlisle, what exactly are you trying to do to us anyway?

Will we see a NY/NJ Grand Championship competition in 2013? Can we even handle that much deliciousness? These are the questions we must ask ourselves…

Here’s a video of the New Jersey awards: