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Introducing the Field Guide to Digital Marketing!

by Mediaocean Marketing
May 06, 2015

Are you master of the digital universe? Ask yourself...

What is fractional attribution? How does an optimization engine work? What do DMP, DSP, SSP, PMP all stand for?

The digital industry is fast paced, complex, and often times overwhelming. That's why Mediaocean has created the Field Guide to Digital Marketing - a comprehensive guide to help users navigate the vast and ever-evolving space. 

Digital marketing is the strategy and processes that connects advertisers with their audiences through digital channels. These channels of opportunity include display, search, mobile, and social - which can all be harnessed by understanding how the ecosystem behind them works. 

The field guide provides an overview of the digital world, along with chapters that review a wide spectrum of topics including:

•    Evolution of digital
•    Industry ecosystem
•    Types of advertising creative units
•    Steps in media planning and buying
•    Analytics and optimization
•    Attribution and pricing
•    A full glossary of terms, and so much more!

Whether you’re new to digital marketing or you’re looking to brush up on the basics - this guide can serve as your go-to for mastering the essentials.

Visit the field guide here!