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It’s all about the Fans

by Mediaocean Marketing
January 17, 2013

Facebook’s new ‘Graph Search’ feature has powerful potential for marketers, even before any form of advertising or targeting come into the mix. But brands need to utilize this new tool wisely, and right now it’s all about the fans.

Here’s what the experts are saying:

From AdExchanger’s “Reaction: Ad Implications For Facebook’s Graph Search”:

Michael Wiley, Chief Social Media Officer, VivaKi (Publicis)

“Graph search will likely provide impetus for brands to further invest in their fan base, to improve the likelihood of connections, thereby appearance in search results…”

Sean Muzzy, CEO, Neo@Ogilvy (WPP Group)

“…They released a ‘people-powered’ search engine. But what does this mean for marketers? For starters, you need to look closely at your current social SEO strategy. Where social SEO in the past impacted the SERP off FB, you must now have a solid approach for Graph SEO. Facebook ad products that grow fan bases and engagement become necessary to increase your ranking.”

Ad Age’s Michael Lazerow writes:

“Think about the potential in terms of sheer volume of search queries. With over a billion people on Facebook, creating more than 240 billion photos and more than a trillion connections, imagine how many search queries will be performed each day. Every time someone searches for something, your branded content will have an opportunity to appear to Facebook’s vast user base. Though users can only find content that has been shared with them, Graph Search makes it much easier to find track.

Consider that by creating a tie through the social network between a user and your Page, you are now providing another chance for you to reach people; this time, in the form of a branded search result.”