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Mediaocean CEO, Bill Wise on AdExchanger Podcast with Zach Rogers

by Mediaocean Marketing
June 23, 2017

This past week, CEO Bill Wise sat down with Zach Rodgers from AdExchanger. The 30 minute podcast, titled “The past and future of AdTech,” discusses Wise’s past experience in the AdTech field, current opportunity within the market, and Mediaocean’s front-running stance in the “boring parade.”  

The podcast begins with a short synopsis of Wise’s history in AdTech, specifically touching on his experience with Proctor & Gamble and its programmatic approach. Wise also states that there are now ways to more effectively pinpoint target audiences, referring to the ever-so-common question: “Do you know where your data is going?”

Wise later speaks to the famously buzzed “convergence” term, identifying it as a present opportunity within the market. He then goes on to decode the struggle in achieving convergence, specifying that is not a buying problem, but rather a planning problem. Wise explains this theory by highlighting key planning tactics, such as creating holistic solutions and measuring audiences across all channels.

Listen to the full podcast here:

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