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The Monthly Roundup - January 2016

by Mediaocean Marketing
January 29, 2016

Missed the latest news in the industry?  Here’s a recap on what happened this month.

•  Facebook rolled out Sport Stadium, a live feed that includes social commentary from friends, experts in the media, athletes, and celebrities, as well as live updates on scores and stats.  It’s meant to shift people away from Twitter and ESPN, and back to Facebook to discuss, explore, and follow games.  It does not currently include ads, but that may change down the road.  Read more via AdAge’s Facebook Introduces Live Sports Feed, but It Won’t Have Ads Just Yet.

•  It’s been a busy month at Facebook.  Also launched this month, Audience Optimization is an organic targeting tool meant to help pages ensure particularly engaged users see their posts.  The three main features include “preferred audience” based on tagged interests; “audience restrictions” based on location, language, age, or gender; and “audience insights” which includes analytics on their posts.  Read more via Adweek’s Audience Optimization: Tools to Help Facebook Page Posts Reach the Right Users.

•  The FTC spoke out on cross-device tracking and consumers’ inability to opt out, as well as transparency into native advertising.  Read more via The Wall Street Journal’s FTC Commissioner Urges Ad Industry to Let Consumers Opt Out of Tracking.

•  The IAB released a new Data Segments & Techniques Lexicon meant to clarify how data can be collected, organized, and applied in the marketplace.  The Lexicon had not been updated since 2011.  The new version was released in advance of the IAB’s Annual Leadership Summit at the end of this month.  Read more via MediaPost’s IAB Releases New Lexicon On Data Segments & Techniques.

•  Google also released its report on “bad ads” just days before the IAB Leadership Summit.  Highlighting its efforts to deal with annoying and malicious ads, the report disclosed a total of more than 780M ads disabled. Many violations related to ads placed too close to a button, encouraging users to accidentally click the ads instead. Read more via MediaPost’s Google Releases Bad Ads Report 2015 Days Before IAB Leadership Meeting.

•  At the Digiday Retail Summit this week, retailers expressed frustration that Twitter hadn’t evolved enough to meet their needs, noting that they do not readily see the benefit of all the time and resources devoted to creating custom content for the platform.  Read more via Digiday’s Retailers: Twitter is the ‘left-behind’ platform.