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New Kids on the Blockchain

by Mediaocean Marketing
March 27, 2018

Mediaocean’s CEO, Bill Wise hosted a panel discussion between Tom Bollich, CTO of MadHive, Megan Pagliuca, Chief Data Office at Hearts & Science, Richard Bush, President at NYIAX, and Vedant Sempath, CTO at Mediaocean on the future of blockchain.

With a $7.2 billion-per-year global ad fraud problem, an ad tech tax that siphons up to 75 cents on the dollar to thousands of data middlemen, frustrating middle work, and even attribution challenges - the advertising market is ripe for blockchain innovation. Blockchain brings tremendous potential to help make our ecosystem more safe, transparent, and efficient, which is a huge win for all parties. While the blockchain revolution is still in its infancy, it’s important to get educated and keep an eye on emerging solutions, so you can be a leader in this evolving technology area.