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Pizza, Popcorn & Ping Pong: ‘Bring Your Children To Work Day’ in the New York Office

May 01, 2013

Thursday was “Bring Your Children to Work Day” and the New York office did it up right!

The food alone was enough to put a smile on anyone’s face: waffles for breakfast, pizza for lunch, freshly popped popcorn, ice cream sundaes… It was quite the spread.

After breakfast, the kids gathered for a short presentation about Mediaocean in which CEO Bill Wise spoke, followed by a lively Q&A. Hats off to Bill for doing a truly impressive job of explaining ad tech to the 10-and-under demographic!

The rest of the day’s activities included dance parties, singing, drawing, ping pong, and a tour of the building. We’re still not quite sure who had the better time.