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Spotlight On: Michael Felsman

by Mediaocean Marketing
July 24, 2015

Name: Michael Felsman

Title: Account Manager

Joined Mediaocean: January 2011

College: Touro College

Tell us about your journey. Why advertising and technology?

My entire career has been in IT. After spending 15 years in IT for television and financial companies, I joined a startup that specialized in Out-of-Home advertising. I caught the ad tech bug -- I was hooked. I focused on roles dealing with agencies as they are the driving force for the direction technology takes in this industry. 

In what ways has working at Mediaocean challenged you and enabled you to grow?

Working with agencies is challenging, as they usually need custom technology and services that accommodate their unique positions in the industry. The focus required to support agencies in this environment has allowed me to grow and expand my management and client service skills. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Mediaocean?

I enjoy the fact that no two days are alike. You never know where the day might take you. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years and what role does Mediaocean play in helping you get there?

I see myself taking on expanded roles in dealing with agencies as well as partner companies that will help Mediaocean grow globally. I believe that Mediaocean is uniquely positioned to offer career opportunities to anyone who is ready for the challenge. 

What’s your favorite employee perk at Mediaocean?

Snacks! “Fridays with Felsman” is only possible at Mediaocean (I bring in snacks every Friday to share and encourage conversations with my office neighbors). 

Cats or dogs?


Give 3 tips for someone looking to land a job like yours.

• Have a good understanding of IT technologies and programming
• Understand the players in the ad tech space
• Excellent management and organizational skills

If you were stranded out at sea and could only have 3 things, what would they be? 
• Solar powered battery
• iPhone (with lots of books on the Kindle app)
• A big, fat survival kit

What’s your favorite TV show? 

“Breaking Bad.”

If your life were made into a movie, who would play you and why?

Liev Schreiber - because he is a fixer.