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Stepping Up Our Customer Care

by Mediaocean Marketing
May 14, 2019

Learning software applications that are mission-critical to managing large media budgets and campaigns is not easy, especially when dealing with millions, potentially billions, of dollars. End users, especially new ones, can be overwhelmed with the task. They might feel equally overwhelmed by the number of learning resources available, from online help, to user guides, to live training.

This is the end user challenge: synthesize the information needed given the specific tasks at hand, and continue to gain knowledge incrementally in order to improve efficiency. This is the software provider’s challenge: consistently meet the immediate needs of end users, while also providing a clear, low-effort path to learning over the long-term.

As the foundational infrastructure and software tools provider for the advertising industry, Mediaocean has always understood that success depends on constant attention to our clients. Our Client Services team, which includes project management and deployment, training and resources provided by Mediaocean University, and customer support, excels at meeting the full spectrum of users’ needs throughout the journey from implementation to full-scale use and adoption.

The newest and most important phase of this holistic approach is the Customer Success team, a cross-functional team focusing exclusively on customer health and adoption. Our goal is to achieve a fully personalized approach to onboarding and service from the point of sale through to go-live and ongoing support.

Rolling Out with a Consistent Methodology

Our end-user journey begins with the implementation work done by the system experts on the Mediaocean Project Services team. They partner with clients throughout the implementation process to understand workflow requirements and training needs, and work closely with agency leads from project planning and discovery through go-live to ensure accountability throughout the lifecycle of the project. Mediaocean’s implementation methodology has been carefully developed and refined over decades of experience, and follows a phased approach with the flexibility to customize as necessary with each engagement.

Applying a Learning Platform and a Learning Approach

Mediaocean University is integral throughout implementation and beyond. With expert trainers worldwide offering in-person and remote training, including Hands-on Learning, a fully interactive remote learning platform, the training team crafts a learning path tailored to each client’s needs. Their efforts are supplemented by an inventory of over 1,400 eLearning videos and almost 800 quick learning cards, all fully available via the Mediaocean Learning Center. This 24-hour, on-demand learning platform allows clients to create their own eLearning playlists on the fly to ensure they can get the targeted knowledge they need when they need it. Recently, Mediaocean University began offering a full certification service to ensure end user knowledge retention and to identify knowledge gaps. The learning platform services are offered through regional Mediaocean Help Centers, which collectively garnered 481,724 hits in 2018.