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Vista Equity Partners to Acquire A Majority Stake in Mediaocean

by Bill Wise
June 29, 2015

Today we announced that Vista Equity Partners (Vista) is acquiring a majority stake in Mediaocean. Michael Donovan will retain a significant equity stake in company going forward and will remain on the board of directors, while Bill Wise will remain CEO of Mediaocean.  

This is an exciting milestone for Mediaocean, an almost 50-year-old company that continues to lead and disrupt the market. With the investment from Vista we will accelerate growth, further drive product innovation, enhance our customers experience, and – ultimately – continue our vision to unleash the full potential of the global advertising ecosystem.  

As a client or partner, your relationship with Mediaocean will remain the same. Your current platforms and services will remain unaffected and our professional services teams are here to support you along the way. As always, we will continue to provide you with the best customer experience and world-class solutions for the most challenging marketing and advertising issues. 

If you are wondering, we picked Vista as our new investment ally because of their track record in software and technology. They are a world-class firm with over 25 portfolio companies in the tech sector and they have strong expertise within our category.  Their reputation is fantastic and they share our vision for heightened growth and innovation. This new chapter at Mediaocean will help increase product innovation and deliver best-in-class solutions for the advertising ecosystem.  Vista is a not a classic financial buyer – they are a holding company for software companies, with a significant operations and consulting arm. This is what attracted us to them. 

For more information about this exciting news, please read the press release here