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The Weekly Roundup - May 8, 2014

by Tiffany Tai
Weekly Updates on the Advertising Industry
May 08, 2014

DDB Charity Project: A Book That Purifies Drinking Water

Each page of the "drinkable book" created by DDB is a water filter that removes deadly bacteria. Partnering with Water Is Life, DDB New York created a book with pages coated with microscopic particles of silver. When water passes through, bacteria are destroyed. The book also contains basic safety information, printed on food-quality ink.


Panasonic Takes B-to-B Effort to Kentucky Derby

Panasonic installed a massive, $12 million video board at Churchill Downs this year for the Kentucky Derby. Havas Media, Panasonic, and NBC worked with the venue to create a story to be told during the race, highlighting Panasonic's technology solutions and innovation.


Google to Stop Collecting Data from Students for Ads

Google has announced that it will no longer search through Gmails sent through its "Apps for Education" service for data about students. Although Google never displayed ads in their education applications without school administrator approval, they still used personal data collected in Gmail scanning to sell products when students were online using other services.