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What Does Automated Guaranteed Mean for Mobile? Connect Partner Post with JUICE Mobile

March 11, 2015

Mobile has exploded as a key topic of conversation in the advertising space.  Terms such as ‘programmatic direct’ and ‘automated guaranteed’ have become commonplace in industry jargon. However, many people do not know how automated guaranteed differs from other programmatic tactics, such as real time bidding (RTB) or private marketplace deals (PMP).  

First, automated guaranteed and programmatic direct are the same thing.  Second, automated guaranteed is in fact ‘programmatic’ but with the main difference being that inventory is not purchased in ‘real time’ as RTB inventory is.  Automated guaranteed differs from a RTB/PMP methodology in that it guarantees future inventory, not ‘real time’ inventory.  By integrating directly into a publisher’s ad server, a brand is automatically guaranteed delivery in exchange for a spend commitment, thus the term ‘automated guaranteed’.

Simplistically, this process has automated the insertion order and RFP processes that have dominated the direct sales channel for years – with mobile being no exception.  This is an important evolution in media buying, as direct selling has been weighed down by a manual, paper driven process. This has, by consequence, redirected more buying to automated RTB channels, at the expense of control and visibility for advertisers and publishers. 

At scale, all businesses evolve and create new models to support new opportunities. Within the social landscape, companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat all emerged from the same social goal of connecting audiences and sharing information - but their executions of that goal addressed different consumer needs. What is important to note is that the adoption of the more recent social media platforms did not lead to a collapse of its predecessors - it supplemented them, while satisfying a new consumer need.  RTB has reached a point in its life cycle where new models are fragmenting from it to solve challenges inherent in its parent, namely: fraud, control, and a lack of premium inventory.  Automated guaranteed solves these challenges.

Nectar® recently integrated into Prisma, offering a programmatic direct solution that has been specifically architected for the mobile space. Nectar provides access to every mobile inventory type, including, but not limited to, video, standard display, native and custom rich media.  Virtually any mobile advertising format supported by a specific publisher can be surfaced inside of the Nectar console, allowing any Prisma user to select it for their campaign. 

Complementing the multiple creative formats inside of Nectar is world-leading publisher scale.   In the 2 years of Nectar’s existence, it has amassed over 10 billion monthly impressions from 250 of the largest premium mobile publications and apps in the world.  Exposing this scale and flexibility to Prisma’s client base is a perfect partnership and supports many agencies’ automation goals.

So how does it work?  The below video is a quick overview of the nectar workflow from start to finish. 



To get started with Nectar inside Prisma, contact your Mediaocean account manager. 

About JUICE Mobile
Nectar was developed by JUICE Mobile, a premium mobile advertising and technology firm. Nectar addresses the three largest trends in ad tech today: mobile, automation and fraud.  By purchasing an impression from a premium publisher directly via the Nectar console without intermediaries or supply side partners (SSP) you, as an advertiser, can be assured that what you are buying is exactly what you wanted to buy.  No deal ID, no SSP, no margin erosion.  Just the publications you want.  

Visit for more information on the Nectar platform or follow @JUICE_Mobile on Twitter.