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When will online video really take off?

October 24, 2013

Cordie DePascale, our VP, Product & Partner Development, spoke on a great panel at MediaPost’s Video Insider Summit this morning entitled: “When Will the Online Video Market Truly Arrive? And How?”

A few of the great insights Cordie Offered:

  • The vision: a single social/ TV buy. We’re already seeing great interactions between TV and social networks—particularly with Twitter. What we haven’t seen yet, fully, is standardized joint packages between social and TV networks (to Cordie’s mind, Twitter Amplify, Twitter Ad Targeting, and See It are just first steps).  Why doesn’t that interaction exist yet? There are a lot of reasons, but one sore point may be that TV and social networks fundamentally view each other as more competitive than potentially cooperative (since ad dollars have to go to one channel over another). If that feeling really is there, it might be short-sighted given how much TV discussion happens on social media—and social media could a real driver of TV.
  • Agencies look to buy TV and digital media agnostically. A true market for digital video will only emerge if agencies  look to buy video agnostically across digital video and TV—to shift funds to digital video easily.
  • Both sides need to agree on metrics. One of the most important first steps in any new media—online video included—is getting the buy and sell side to agree on the metrics. If you can’t agree how to measure what’s being purchased, you just can’t have a sale. Once you do agree on the metrics, you can build systems around gathering the numbers and start to transact.