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Worth Reading, Thursday Edition: Darren Herman on the Evolution of Things

January 10, 2013

Chief Digital Media Officer of The Media Kitchen, kbs+ executive, and general  All-Around-Smart-Guy, Darren Herman, gave us his CES 2013 ‘top trends’ in a recent AdExchanger piece entitled, “Evolution, Not Revolution At CES.” According to Herman, there isn’t a whole lot that’s truly new this year, but there is a lot that builds upon last year’s technology and makes it better.  He sites three main themes:

1. Technology is becoming way more human (and not just because your GPS is hitting on you). Herman writes, “Very rare was it a hardcore tech vs. tech sales pitch but it was much more about how humans could use the technologies and how it makes their lives easier.”

2.  Big Data can be used to benefit the average person.  According to Herman, “Big Data isn’t just for marketers or operations folks.  I swung by the “Health & Fitness” area of the exhibit hall and saw quite a few companies providing data back to their users which would help with the quantified self.”  The quickly-growing field of “Digital Health,” for instance, is every bit as much about the data as it is about the technology that has allowed for, say, biofeedback to go from being something a person needs to go to the doctor for, to being something they can do themselves on their phone or watch in their own home.

3.  Not Bigger, just crisper. For today’s screen needs, bigger no longer means better, and the trend  this year is clearly towards better visual technology, regardless of size.

 Via Adexchanger.