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eAvails XML - CA

Send and Receive TV General Avails & Proposals Electronically


Mediaocean has developed an open-standard specification for sending and receiving electronic TV general avails or proposals that advances ebusiness for the entire Canadian advertising industry.

Advantages of using eAvails XML

Using eAvails XML, general avails or proposals are sent directly from the seller to the buyer, for direct import into the buyer’s system, eliminating faxes, spreadsheets and manual re-keying. All trading partners save time and gain efficiencies by electronically transacting business.

  • eAvails Save Time

    Buyers that receive eAvails can create their buys faster, so they send their orders sooner. Typically buyers save 75% to 90% of the time it would take to enter avails manually.

  • eAvails reduce discrepancies

    Since the buyer doesn't have to retype the avail, you're assured that accurate information enters the buyer's system.

  • Buyers are more likely to consider buying new programs

    Since it's so easy for buyers to evaluate new programming when receiving the avail electronically, they're more likely to purchase inventory on programs that they wouldn't have had the time to view and consider with a manual process.


If you want to start sending electronic Avails and Proposals, contact