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eContract and ePost integration and support rate card - CA

eContract and ePost Integration and Support Rate Card

Mediaocean Professional Services

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To provide eContracts and ePosts services to agencies, broadcasters send contract and post files to the Mediaocean Hub (MO Hub). Mediaocean manages the MO Hub to ensure proper security, routing, reliability, history/audit trail, and backup of files generated by broadcasters.


Integration Fee

Broadcasters will be charged a one-time fee of $10,000 CAD for eContracts and $5,000 CAD for ePosts per source system, which includes the following:

  • An integration package that provides all the documentation, guides, and sample files needed to code to the eContracts XML specification and then test and submit eContracts and ePosts to the MO Hub.
  • Integration planning support and project management assistance that outlines deliverables, ownership of tasks, and a timeline.
  • Technical and scenario testing guidance for your internal and/or third-party technical staff, as well as full scenario testing with your staff to ensure day-to-day business scenarios are supported.
  • Supervision of agency beta and subsequent onboarding.
  • Post-launch orientation with your sales reps and assistants, including a demonstration of how agency buyers process eContracts and ePosts.


Support Fees

Broadcasters will be charged a support fee of $3 per unique eContract and $1 per unique ePost sent to the MO Hub. Revisions do not incur additional fees. A minimum support fee of $30,000 CAD per annum will be charged for broadcasters using eContracts and $10,000 CAD per annum for broadcasters using ePosts. Services include:

  • The eContract Upload Service Application (eUSA), which is a small-footprint application that uploads eContract and ePost XML documents in a file or network folder to the MO Hub. This eliminates the effort and cost of building a bridge to the MO Hub. However, broadcasters have the option to develop their own upload to the MO Hub, which will be tested during integration.
  • An IT Help Desk to address questions, issues with the eUSA, and general support, available Monday to Friday from 8:30 am-5:30 pm EST, excluding holidays. Unresolved issues will be escalated accordingly.
  • Prompt investigation of defects and system change requests related to the MO Hub and eUSA. The timeframe for any fix will be dependent on the extent and nature of the bug and the seriousness of any adverse effect to the agency or broadcaster.
  • Data Center Management, including offline storage of all historical information, responsibility for all hardware and software required to run the MO Hub, a backup data center site and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in the event of a disaster at the Data Center.


Payment Terms

The integration fee is due upon completion of testing. The minimum support fee is invoiced quarterly at the beginning of each quarter, and reconciled annually to actual volumes of unique eContracts and ePosts. All invoices are due within thirty (30) days of the invoice date.