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ePost - CA

Process Post Contracts Electronically

The expansion of eBusiness in Canada empowers TV buyers to post campaign actuals to their buys instantly. Electronically processing sellers’ post contracts is the fastest way to get ratings into Broadcast Steward. This gets you a big step closer to your real work of analyzing and reporting back to the advertiser, not manually keying in numbers.


Media buyers spend weeks posting demographic numbers from specialty and national conventional networks for a single advertiser. From an email or hard copy, they manually re-key the same numbers that the seller already keyed and forwarded. This wastes buyers’ time, and creates a wide margin for error.

Stations waste time and resources preparing and shipping paper copies of post contracts, a service to save agencies the labour and cost of printing.

Agencies and stations want a better way to generate and process posts.

Introducing Mediaocean’s ePost XML, the new standard for sending and receiving electronic post contracts. This advances eBusiness for the entire TV advertising industry.

Lines on ePost contracts are matched to the buy to instantly:

  • post audience and/or GRPs to program lines
  • post audience and/or GRPs to summary rating lines
  • include or exclude bonus spots


Advantages of ePosts

Leveraging the power of Mediaocean’s Broadcast Steward buying application, ePosts eliminate emails and paper, reduce manual labour, and save time and resources for both sides of the business.

ePosts save time

ePosts eliminate 90% of the time spent keying in data and performing calculations manually. The savings come from automatically matching the buy to the Post contract , integrating summary ratings calculations, and instantly updating the buy.

ePosts are customizable

To match your agency’s workflow, you can post at a program or rating line level. Further, national ratings can reflect the station’s numbers or your agency’s English and French population allocations.

ePosts are user friendly

The ePost summary clearly shows which lines still match the buy and what differences exist. Since buyers can focus on changes, processing is made easier.

ePosts eliminate paper

Sellers send ePost files into a central inbox that’s connected to the agency buying application. This eliminates emails and boxes of paper, making the business day less cluttered.


To start receiving ePost contracts, contact your Mediaocean account executive.


To start sending ePost contracts, you must be using eContracts. Contact to schedule an initial discussion.