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ePosting FAQ - CA

What is an ePost

An ePost is an XML (data) file that represents the PDF/paper copy of a post contract. As with traditional posts, ePosts are the final version of a contract that is sent from a seller/station to a buyer/agency. It contains actual (or post) ratings and audience values, instead of the estimated values provided prior to all contracted spots going to air.


Why are conventional local or regional stations not supported?

Posts numbers for conventional and regional stations are typically provided by third parties (e.g. BBM). Therefore, buyers follow a different process in posting these stations, which isn’t supported by ePosts.


Are national ratings supported?

National ratings are supported through Mediaocean’s broadcast maintenance application, Broadcast Steward. It enables defining your national English and French populations. When importing an ePost, national ratings are calculated based on the total audience in the ePost file and the defined national population.