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Frequently asked question about eContracts - CA

What is an eContract?

An eContract is an XML (data) file that represents the PDF/paper copy of a contract. As with traditional contracts, eContracts contain a schedule and non-airtime charges. However, eContracts don’t include schedule totals, contract totals, makegood history, or any other summary information. The receiving application (e.g., DDS Desktop) produces this summary information when processing the contract.

Do eContract revisions contain changes from earlier versions?

Indeed! Just like traditional contracts, eContracts include spot changes from earlier versions.

Does an eContract identify what has changed on the contract since the last revision?

It can, but doing so depends on you. If you process every revision of an eContract in sequential order, the receiving application identifies all of the changes specific to that contract. This happens because the lines on the eContract are compared to the lines on the buy as they exist in the receiving application. The changes are captured and displayed by spot type (e.g., Matched, Removed from Contract, Makegood or New). However, if for example an eContract version 4 is compared to a buy that was last updated at version 1, the changes captured will reflect the full history of versions 2, 3 and 4, without specifying when each change took place.

Are sellers notified if contract changes are rejected?

No. When there are changes you can’t accept, you have to contact your rep using whatever means you do today.