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A new way to manage agency work

Effectively estimating and managing project costs and agency time is essential for revenue growth and happy customers. Mediaocean’s solution for job and project cost management is modern, integrated, and intuitive – supporting more than 4,000 daily active users across five countries globally.  

office workers
office workers

Mediaocean for creative agencies

Maintain standards and control

Ensure approval workflows for creating estimates, submitting orders, and confirming time and expenses receive proper sign-off through custom permissions and roles.

Get answers quickly

View and clearly interpret the information you need through an intuitive UI and workflow that reduces learning time and increases user productivity. Implementation is simple and minimizes the need for IT support, easily allowing new users to get started immediately.

Handle client expectations

Improve accuracy of estimates for project costs and time. Effectively manage client relationships based on a single source of truth for all costs related to creative project work and time.

Key product capabilities

Jobs dashboard

Instantly view a summary of all job-related details and costs. Compare estimated and actual figures, or analyze a job based on the type of work completed, down to transaction-level details.


Create and manage job-level estimates, including the ability to budget for additional time resources and specific material costs.


Centralize external billable production costs and internal house orders into a single system for purchase order management. 


Accurately record both billable and non-billable time against client accounts and easily report on all time recorded across the entire agency.


Approve, reject, and comment on invoices for all projects and orders, then track the payment status of approved invoices.


Consolidate client billable, non-billable, and internal expenses into a common system where all parties can upload and attach receipts to claims/reports and get quick sign-off and payment.

Time off

Allocate, submit, and track time off requests through a calendar interface, and easily view and report on time off for all staff.

Try a better approach to managing agency work

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