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Andy Jacobson
SVP, Sales

Jacobson has worked in the digital space since 1997, beginning with his role as Sales VP running multiple media businesses at DoubleClick. During that time, he built a $100mm telesales business, launched the email media business and established an internal start up ad network called Sonar.

As VP of Sales and Business Development at ValueClick Media, Jacobson developed both the ad network and lead generation businesses. This success led him to a role at ContextWeb, where he helped secure investor financing and transformed the start up into a $30mm business in 3 years.

Jacobson also spent a year as consultant to Google, helping them to hire and train the AdSense sales and business development teams. Prior to joining Mediaocean, Andy headed up digital sales in the Publisher sector for major brands like USA Today, Gannett Digital and Everyday Health.

Jacobson has been managing online media sales organizations for the past 20 years.