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Making Pandora an Easier Radio Buy

March 05, 2013

Before the news announcement, a quick analogy.

Every day, millions of people go to product sites like Amazon or as efficient, convenient ways to find relevant data about the products you might want to buy—and then to purchase them on the spot.

That’s why, if you’re a vendor, you want your products featured in Amazon, Overstock, and similar shopping sites—so consumers have an easy way to find you.

And if you’re a shopper, you want Amazon and Overstock to feature a very wide selection of sellers and product types—so you get the best choice.

For the media buyers who spend their whole day researching inventory within our systems—and who take very seriously their duty to advertisers to work as efficiently as possible—we’re a little like the Amazons and Overstocks who make finding inventory information easier. And we want to make our system a place that’s as easy as possible to search for things to buy.

That’s the thinking behind our most recent integration between Internet radio provider Pandora  and digital ratings company Triton Digital.

Radio buyers know that Pandora is a great place to meet consumers. But until now, the ratings data they needed to make a purchasing decision has lived outside of Mediaocean systems—which has made it prohibitively inefficient for them to research Pandora as a radio buying option.

To solve that problem, Pandora, Mediaocean, and Triton Digital have created a partnership to serve up Pandora audience data into Mediaocean’s radio buying platforms. So in the very system where they conduct their transactions with radio stations, radio buyers can find the Pandora inventory that might be right for them.

We’re rolling out the integration now with beta pilots across a few agencies now, and will make it available across all radio buyers using Mediaocean O|X and D|S systems soon. Stay tuned for updates on progress.

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