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Mediaocean Launches Connect

December 11, 2013

New York, NY – December 11, 2013 – Mediaocean, the leading software provider for the global advertising community, today announced the launch of its Connect Partner Platform. Connect allows ad servers, data solution providers, supply businesses, and technology providers to increase their revenue opportunities by easily deploying services on Mediaocean software used by the world’s largest agencies. Handling $100 billion in global advertising, Mediaocean helps 80,000 agency professionals worldwide manage their essential operations and day-to-day tasks.

Via open APIs, streamlined interaction consoles, a developer website, and related offerings, Connect makes it easy for agencies to discover, access, and orchestrate partners within applications and interfaces across Mediaocean’s platforms. By bringing partners in-application, in-workflow, they can easily showcase products to potential customers, and let agencies easily adopt solutions as components of their business-wide technology stacks.

“The ad tech ecosystem is rich with solutions that drive efficiency, intelligence, and targeted audience buying,” said Bill Wise, CEO, Mediaocean. “What’s missing is a single platform to help bring those solutions within agency tech stacks and operations, across digital and traditional media. Connect is that single platform. Connect is doing for ad tech what Apple did to the mobile space and what Bloomberg did for financial trading—bringing outside information and applications into core systems.”

Connect begins with partners spanning four core areas of Ad Servers, Data, Supply, and Technology:

  • Ad Servers – Placing partner ad servers within the workflow that agencies use to deploy campaigns and manage reporting, Connect increases opportunities for ad servers to be more extensively utilized throughout campaigns. Connect Ad Serving partners include Atlas; eyeReturn; DG MediaMind; mobile ad serving provider Phluant; PointRoll; and first-party ad serving provider Trueffect.
  • Data Solution Providers – Connect brings data, research, attribution, data visualization, and intelligence providers into the points in workflow where agency teams make their decisions. Connect Data partners include comScore; CPG media analytics provider Nielsen Catalina Solutions; media cost-analysis company SQAD; Triton Digital’s digital audio measurement; and marketing attribution software Visual IQ.
  • Supply – Through research tools and streamlined buyer/seller interfaces, Connect makes it simple for agency teams to discover, find value in, and process the full range of inventory that Supply partners offer. Connect Supply partners include NCC Media and Pandora.
  • Technology Providers – Connect brings third-party tools, in-house platforms, and brand-specific systems into agencies’ core platforms—positioning technology partners to become more critical components of agencies’ software stacks. Connect Technology partners include out of home buying platform ADstruc; Comcast AdDelivery; and video platform FreeWheel.


Partner Supporting Quotes

“ADstruc is excited to provide a truly unified planning and buying workflow for Out-of-Home agencies as a part of Connect. Connect removes barriers to integrating with agency workflows and provides direct access to billions of dollars of OOH media processed through Mediaocean each year,” said John Laramie, CEO of ADstruc.

“Through Connect, Comcast AdDelivery becomes an integral part of the Mediaocean platforms—and, by extension, an integral part of the advertising operations,” said Matt McConnell, Senior Vice President and GM, Comcast Wholesale. “Simply put, Connect is an incredibly powerful pathway into agencies.”

“MediaMind is committed to openness and automation and seeks partners who share this commitment,” said Andrew Bloom, SVP Strategic Business Development, DG. “The combination of a leading multi-screen media planning tool such as Mediaocean, together with our leading multi-screen campaign management platform is a win-win for marketers wanting to drive more effective and efficient planning, buying and campaign management.”

“As the market leader in CPG targeting and measurement, we have more than two years of historical, all-outlet and nationally representative consumer packaged goods sales data on more than sixty million households,” said Mike Nazzaro, CEO, Nielsen Catalina Solutions. “We’re thrilled to be able to deliver that first-in-class data and services efficiently and intelligently through Mediaocean Connect.”

“Connect means it’s easier for agencies to find our inventory that matches their targets—and, just as importantly, it’s easier for them to buy that inventory,” said Joanna Bloor, Pandora’s Vice President of Sales Operations. “That’s an incredibly powerful opportunity for any media seller.”

“Partnering with Mediaocean is a natural fit for Visual IQ,” said Manu Mathew, CEO and co-founder of Visual IQ. “Connect enables us to seamlessly integrate our attribution-informed metrics right into agency workflow, so that agencies can make much more accurate and impactful optimization decisions for their clients.”


To learn more about Connect and becoming a certified Mediaocean partner, contact