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What Does Automated Guaranteed Mean for Mobile? Connect Partner Post with JUICE Mobile

Mobile has exploded as a key topic of conversation in the advertising space.  Terms such as ‘programmatic direct’ and ‘automated guaranteed’ have become commonplace in industry jargon. However, many people do not know how automated guaranteed differs from other programmatic tactics, such as real time bidding (RTB) or private marketplace deals (PMP). 

Programmatic Uncut - An Honest Conversation About the Buzzword of Today

Last week, Mediaocean hosted a Connect Series session titled "Programmatic Uncut: An Honest Conversation About the Buzzword of Today". This session featured panelists from AOL, Yahoo, Pubmatic, and Deutsch, moderated by our CEO, Bill Wise. In this session, these thought leaders spoke about programmatic and how it influences the way they work in the industry and with each other. Check out the full session in this video.

Got Questions About 'Automated Guaranteed'? We've Got Answers

Everyone agrees that "programmatic" is the buzzword of the year, especially within the premium, guaranteed space. But some question if its surge has truly made it a mainstay for both buyers and sellers, with a lasting value beyond just automation. Maria Pousa, SVP Global Marketing at Mediaocean, sat down with Manu Warikoo, SVP Product, Platforms at Mediaocean; James Deaker, VP-revenue management, privacy and policy at Yahoo; and Anush Prabhu, chief channel planning and investment officer at Deutsch New York; to discuss automated guaranteed.

Adit Abhyankar, Executive Director at Visual IQ, at dmexco 2014

We spoke with Adit Abhyankar of Visual IQ at dmexco 2014 and interviewed him about the top three trends his business is seeing and how he sees the space developing in the next few years. In this interview, Adit talks about how his company is seeing a move towards programmatic, companies making the effort to understand cross device measurement, and getting smarter about measurement.