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  • Appliance brand sees incremental ROAS with Mediaocean's Amazon solution

    Mediaocean Team
    10 Mar 2020
    Mediaocean Team
    10 Mar 2020
    A leading appliance brand worked with the Mediaocean Enterprise Activation team to optimize campaigns and drive high ROAS.
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A leading home appliance brand partnered with Mediaocean to assume responsibility for, and increase success of, their Amazon advertising with the help of the Enterprise Activation team. With 60+ campaigns being maintained for Amazon, and 16K+ keywords being optimized, the brand was facing nearly 24 hours per week for strategy and optimization.


Mediaocean’s Enterprise Activation team implemented Mediaocean smart groups to create bid strategies and budget cap alerts to automate optimization. Additional alerts were implemented to notify the team of estimated revenue loss, and to alert them when products lost their buy box. Alerts allowed the team to quickly strategize and easily implemented best practices for the brand to leverage.


With the help of Mediaocean Enterprise Activation, the team saw incredible success. The team saved over 22 hours per week, and saw a 270% increase in ROAS over a five-week period.