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  • 12 Jan 2021

    2021 in media: predicting amid the unpredictable

    Bill Wise
    12 Jan 2021
    If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that predictions are futile. And yet, some trends did prove durable through the chaos.
  • 15 Dec 2020

    The rise of the retail media sellers: data-rich, inventory-light, but here to stay

    Ramsey McGrory
    15 Dec 2020
    CCO Ramsey McGrory speaks to the emergence of retail media sellers and how they are transforming the landscape.
  • 06 Jan 2021

    The TV ecosystem cannot support the supply chain economics of the open-web DSP

    Seif Hamid
    06 Jan 2021
    Mediaocean's Chief Partnerships Officer discusses how converged TV can't support the hefty ad tech fees that characterize open web digital.
  • 09 Dec 2020

    The New Local: Mediaocean’s Kane aims to automate ad sales

    Drew Kane
    09 Dec 2020
    CCO Drew Kane discusses the launch of new tools to bring further efficiencies to the automation of ad sales.
abstract water
Alok Choudhary
02 Aug 2021
The parameters and rules that govern the multitude of media channels are changing and are ever more complex.
Aaron Goldman
27 Jul 2021
The modern sports fan engages fluidly with events like the Olympics. They might switch between two or even three screens during a live broadcast.
Aaron Goldman
15 Jul 2021
This week we announced that Mediaocean will acquire Flashtalking. There are lots of reasons we’re excited about this combination of companies but we’ll leave those to other forms of communications. Here we’d like to lay out ten tenets, nay, commitments that form the strength of our value proposition in the marketplace.
Aaron Goldman
05 Jul 2021
Why the changing viewing habits for the football tournament require a new approach from broadcasters and advertisers.
Stuart Smith
02 Jul 2021
Nimble marketers, always tuned to the moment, realise it’s never too late to launch or invent an effective campaign.
Anupam Gupta
21 Jun 2021
We should be mindful of the impact that fundamental technological decisions can have on digital ethics.
Aaron Goldman
09 Jun 2021
In the intelligent, digitalised future of media, we can learn a lot from the world's best football squads.
Bill Wise
15 Apr 2021
CEO Bill wise speaks to Google's latest cookie announcement, its influence in the industry, and what marketers can do to stay agile by way of omnichannel advertising.
Woman shopping with mask
Aaron Goldman
13 Apr 2021
As the peak of the pandemic recedes, and lockdown restrictions are gradually lifted for (what we hope will be) the last time, it’s an experience that many of us will be having even in our closest cities. Visiting retail and entertainment districts for the first time in months, we’ll find changes that have happened all around us while we weren’t looking.