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  • Cow & Gate achieves efficient spend with smart groups

    Mediaocean Team
    24 Oct 2020
    Mediaocean Team
    24 Oct 2020
    Cow & Gate worked with their media agency, Merkle | Periscopix to optimize budget and creative assets using smart groups.
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Cow & Gate, a leading UK baby food and milks brand, needed to control spend at a creative level to ensure their many lines of business received balanced budget and visibility. Previously using campaign budget optimization for Facebook, the budget distribution was uneven across products, however that spend did not reflect business priorities.


To delegate budget by ad and creative, the team applied individual Mediaocean smart groups and added budget thresholds to increase control of spend. Additionally, by shifting from total budget to daily budget caps, the team ensured all product ads remained live, pacing to ensure visibility all month long.


By utilizing smart groups and implementing budgeting, the various products’ spend balanced out resulting in higher visibility and accurate insight into each product’s success. Thanks to the spend thresholds at the ad level, some products gained a 96% increase in budget, with others decreasing up to 65%, ultimately reflecting the brand’s business priorities. Not only did budget successfully shift, but the CPM across various products was reduced by up to 52% and the CPC decreased by up to 41%.