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  • Mediaocean and PremiumMedia360 expand partnership to bring productivity and agility to TV workflow

    Mediaocean Team
    23 Apr 2020
    Mediaocean Team
    23 Apr 2020
    Expansion of partnership to further automate in-flight broadcast campaign validation.
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Mediaocean, the system of record for the advertising world, and PremiumMedia360, the advertising data automation company, announced they have expanded their partnership to further automate in-flight broadcast campaign validation. This comes at a time when agencies must find ways to be as productive, efficient and flexible to meet the needs of their brand clients.

The expanded partnership will improve productivity for local broadcast buyers and sellers by automating the resolution of in-flight copy and buy discrepancies through a direct integration between Mediaocean’s broadcast buying systems and PremiumMedia360’s CLIR Flight, an integrated buyer and seller console for in-flight campaign monitoring and resolution.

The integration leverages CLIR Flight’s capabilities to synchronize buyer and seller data, enabling the parties to identify and resolve discrepancies and increase workflow efficiencies.

“The TV industry is now facing the tremendous task of reallocating billions of dollars– amounting to an incredible number of investment decisions – as fast as possible.” said Ramsey McGrory, CRO of Mediaocean. “Mediaocean’s partnership with PM360 brings much needed data automation to the reconciliation process so that buyers can move quickly, reduce wasted spend, and maximize their efforts.”

“Now more than ever, buyers need to be able to move fast, reduce waste, and do the most with the least,” says John Bowser, CEO of PremiumMedia360. “Our partnership with Mediaocean helps enable that by increasing data validity and clarity in the transactions that buyers and sellers rely on to deliver their campaign goals. CLIR Flight enables clean data from Mediaocean to be synched with data from seller systems to solve a multitude of campaign delivery issues and increase automation.”

The integration is available now and will continue to expand in 2020 and beyond.

About PremiumMedia360

PremiumMedia360, the leading advertising data automation company, provides seamless data synchronization and data connectivity between ad agencies and media company partners to deliver 100% pure data into any media management software.

Our intelligent, open and neutral data management platform, Guidance Intelligent Assistant (GIA) Cloud, integrates with all media software systems to synchronize advertising data, making it more reliable and error-free. Acting as your trusted source of data automation, GiaCloud automates and synchronizes 100% of the data flow between you and your TV media partners.

Many companies talk about data automation, but we have done it. As a result, our customers are more profitable and able to focus on what matters most — making informed strategic decisions, with transparent, reliable data — which increases revenue.

About Mediaocean

Mediaocean is the global system of record for the advertising world, bringing together brands, agencies, media owners, technology and data partners closer together. A platform to control critical data related to marketing investments, Mediaocean enables end-to-end management of campaigns - from planning, buying, and selling—to analyzing and optimizing—to invoicing and payments. Mediaocean processes $150B in annual media spend, employs 950 people, and is part of the Vista Equity Partners portfolio of software companies.