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  • Social engagement drives TV tune-in

    Mediaocean Team
    05 Apr 2017
    Mediaocean Team
    05 Apr 2017
    A major broadcast television network found social engagement positively impacts tune-in using affinities.
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Media companies promote shows on their own networks and affiliates, as well as on a variety of cable channels and social media.

A major broadcast television network was interested in measuring the impact of TV promos and social engagement on driving tune-in and determining if there is an added value in using both together.

Mediaocean was well-positioned to deliver this analysis by combining data across TV and social media.


To determine the impact of television promotions and social engagement on actual tune-in, correlation and multiple regression analyses were run across the following datasets for 22 television programs across genres for a 30-day period.

  • Television promotion occurrence data from the Teletrax global TV monitoring network to determine when and where the promos ran.
  • Nielsen National TV Ratings to determine the number of household impressions per promo occurrence and television program.
  • Public social engagement on Facebook (post likes and comments) and Twitter (brand mentions and retweets). Note – No private social media data was used for this research.

Of the TV promos that aired for primetime programming, 51% were for comedy programs, followed by drama (47%), reality (2%), and news (.5%).


Social engagement positively impacts tune-in.

This research indicates that there is a significant positive relationship between total social engagement and program tune-in for all genres other than news.

For the new television shows analyzed, as impressions for television promotions increase, total social engagement increases, which, in turn, increases television tune-in.

Flow of Promo to Social to TV