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  • Jellyfish helps UGG drive increased revenue with implementation of target sets

    Mediaocean Team
    05 Feb 2020
    Mediaocean Team
    05 Feb 2020
    Ugg worked with media agency, Jellyfish, to target ultra-relevant shoppers during their Cyber 5 campaign resulting in high ROAS.
Ugg social ad on phone


UGG, a household-name retailer, worked with their agency, Jellyfish, to run a Facebook campaign targeting holiday shoppers. The team needed to reach revenue goals and maximize the hectic five-day shopping period from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, known as Cyber 5, by reaching the right audience at the most relevant time.


The team implemented Mediaocean target sets prebuilt targeting for Holiday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shoppers. These hyper targeted audiences ensured they reached a highly engaged demographic who were in the market to shop holiday deals.


The Cyber 5 campaign engaged ultra-relevant shoppers and delivered results across the board. Mediaocean audiences contributed to 21% of total on-platform revenue and proved to have a 60% more effective ROAS than non-Mediaocean target audiences.