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  • Integral Ad Science and Mediaocean partner to allow advertisers to transact on viewable impressions

    Mediaocean Team
    26 May 2016
    Mediaocean Team
    26 May 2016
    Mediaocean integrates IAS viewability data into its Prisma media management platform.
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Integral Ad Science, the leader in quantifying digital media quality, today announced a partnership with Mediaocean that will make it easier for media buyers to plan, transact and report on advertising campaigns using Integral's unparalleled viewability data. A leading software provider for the advertising world, Mediaocean has incorporated Integral's trusted viewability data into Prisma, Mediaocean's digital media management platform.

"Partnering with Integral continues our focus of enabling online media buyers and sellers to assess the value of every ad opportunity for more informed decisions that maximize ROI," said Bill Wise, CEO, Mediaocean. "Our clients can see the true success of their campaigns all from a single location, Prisma, for greater efficiency."

The Integral and Mediaocean partnership is currently active -- Prisma users have immediate access to Integral's viewability data, which is displayed holistically in Prisma within the user's existing workflow. There is no need to log into multiple platforms or upload Integral data separately. The integration of Integral's data allows Prisma users to invoice, reconcile and pay for viewed impressions using Integral's viewability data.

"This integration makes it easier for all of our partners on the buy and sell-side to transact using our discrepancy-free viewability data, and allows brands to rest assured the right audiences are seeing their ads," said Scott Knoll, CEO, Integral Ad Science. "We are excited to partner with Mediaocean to make our data available to all Prisma users, enabling our industry to transact on a currency of viewable, fraud-free media."

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