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When you work with the kind of quality people that we do here, you want to make sure that no one goes unnoticed, especially those who have been going the extra mile. That’s why we created the “Pass the Wave” award. It’s a fun way for us to acknowledge our fellow colleagues for their outstanding work and support, and to give each other a nice pat on the back. But the best part of the award is that it’s passed on — the winners get to share the appreciation by presenting it to another teammate whom they feel deserves it. It’s like a game of “Good Job!” tag.

In anticipation of this weekend’s Kentucky Derby, the Louisville office decided to make a week of it, with Derby-inspired food, games and fun!

Thursday was “Bring Your Children to Work Day” and the New York office did it up right!

Good Times in Pune!

April 09, 2013

Our office in Pune, India participated in a summer outing last week.

Ideas in Full Effect

March 13, 2013

The theme of this year’s 4As Transformation Conference was “The Idea Effect,” and ideas were certainly abundant. That includes those of Mediaocean’s own SVP of Marketplaces, Dave Oliviera, who participated in a panel entitled “It’s not just trading data that is important to agencies.” Moderated by GroupM’s John Montgomery, the panel explored ad-tech’s role in simplifying and improving the buyer/seller relationship.

For the media buyers who spend their whole day researching inventory within our systems—and who take very seriously their duty to advertisers to work as efficiently as possible—we’re a little like the Amazons and Overstocks who make finding inventory information easier. And we want to make our system a place that’s as easy as possible to search for things to buy. That’s the thinking behind our most recent integration between Internet radio provider Pandora and digital ratings company Triton Digital.

As the final event of this year’s IAB Annual Leadership Conference, Mediaocean hosted the Second Annual IAB Golf Tournament.  Attended by industry professionals, executives, and friends with whom we’d already shared some fun times during the three days of the conference, the sense of community spirit was palpable, and it was a fun and successful end to a great conference.

The importance of social media for marketers cannot be overstated. Brand identity, consumer engagement, virtual crowdsourcing, increased exposure… the list goes on. Now, new research points to two new areas of importance in the social media toolbox:  consumer perception and behavior, and real-time data sourcing.

Twitter’s acquisition of Bluefin Labs is the latest in a string of moves designed to put the micro-blogging behemoth at the center of the quickly-growing Social TV movement.  Here’s what experts are saying about the deal.