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Meet Our Trainers

Michael Auburger

Michael Auburger has been with Mediaocean as a senior training specialist for 14 years. He is a versatile trainer skilled in multiple disciplines, including finance, production, digital media and more. Michael is frequently commended on his training style and execution, both in person and via webinar. Prior to joining Mediaocean, Michael was an accountant in the legal sector.

Matt Barbarello

Matt Barbarello has been with Mediaocean for eight years, occupying a range of positions, including technical writer, technical information architect, and, most recently, support and training director leading the US training team, the instructional design team, and the OX and AV technical writing team. Matt brings to his current role 18 years of teaching experience as an adjunct professor of English at Hofstra University.

Brian Lawrence

Brian is the training team manager and a training specialist with over 20 years of media and training experience from his time at Nielsen Media Research, Comcast Cablevision, and station national sales rep firms. At Mediaocean, Brian has worked on all media systems. He serves in many different capacities, managing agency and TV sales account teams, working on product development and implementation, delivering countless hours of on-site support, all while training. Brian’s hobbies include cooking and golfing.

Garet Leonard

Garet Leonard joined Mediaocean in 2004 after working as a research analyst at Nielsen Media Research and as a senior research analyst at both The Fox Cable Channels Group and The Health Network. He also performed statistical analysis and database management at Axiom, a technology solution provider. As a senior training specialist at Mediaocean, Garet shares his expertise in network media, ratings and print across multiple Mediaocean applications with both internal and external clients.

Joel Logsdon

Joel Logsdon is a senior support specialist and trainer for Spectra AV Production and Financials. He also helps ensure the accuracy and consistency of content on the Mediaocean help center. Joel came to Mediaocean in 2007 from Paul Shultz Advertising, where he was a Payroll and Disbursements Coordinator.

Gail Mikell

Gail Mikell is a senior training specialist with 20 years’ experience in adult learning, synchronous learning facilitation, and program design. Gail joined Mediaocean in 2007 as a trainer for spot media, and she is also certified as a digital media trainer. She has developed and delivered technical service, soft skills and product training for both internal and external clients at all levels. Prior to joining Mediaocean, Gail was a training manager at an international law firm.

Sheena Lilly

Sheena joined Mediaocean in 2018 as a training specialist, and works with Spectra OX – Spot. She has over 10 years of experience in marketing and communications, working to create educational content for audiences in the non-profit and finance sectors. In her tenure, she has also developed and delivered software training and soft skills training to internal and external business partners at all levels. Sheena has her B.A. in Education from North Central College and her M.S. in Communication from Northwestern University.

Lynn McColgan

Lynn Flowers has been with Mediaocean for 17 years, holding roles in support, account management and now training for the past nine years. As a senior training specialist, Lynn specializes in conducting classroom and web-based client training across multiple media and finance applications, including digital, broadcast and print. Lynn is also a key contributor to our eLearning efforts for our Canadian clients. Prior to joining Mediaocean, Lynn was at Western Broadcast Sales as a media sales coordinator.

Ben Windholz

Ben Windholz joined Mediaocean in 2018 as a training specialist after completing his M.A. in Communication from the University of Kentucky. Focusing on the effects of new technology on advertising, Ben presented research at both regional and international conferences. Ben brings his background of three years teaching across a diverse variety of fields and learning levels to train on digital for Mediaocean. Ben also has a B.S. in Communication Studies from Kansas State University.

Meagan Sullivan

Meagan Sullivan is a senior support specialist and trainer with over 20 years’ experience in print media and is now a certified Prisma support specialist for digital media. She came to Mediaocean from McClatchy in 2011. Meagan’s support experience and involvement with our product team give her valuable insights that often find their way into the classroom. Sharing real experiences with class participants as they work in the system is what she most enjoys about training. 

Claudia Chen

Claudia is a training specialist bringing 3 years of corporate training and curriculum development experience. Her passion for training started in high school, where she began facilitating youth empowerment conferences and developing workshop curriculum for a California-based nonprofit organization. She previously developed and led onboarding and product trainings for ZipRecruiter and Internet Brands. Most recently, she spearheaded the launch of Pendo, an in-app walkthrough tool, for a customer relationship management software. Claudia is a Los Angeles native who enjoys traveling, weight lifting, and Yelping.

Danielle Zambito

Danielle Zambito is a senior training specialist with 22 years’ experience in training and eLearning. She specializes in finance, production and digital. Her unique skillset ties together the media and financial aspects of our systems, and she is a key contributor to implementation training and consulting. Prior to joining Mediaocean in 2005, she was an eLearning specialist in the financial industry.

Alex Litke

Alex Litke is a senior training specialist with 17 years of experience facilitating technical, sales and soft skills training within the advertising, financial and automotive industries. His expertise includes live and asynchronous facilitation to mid-size groups, one-on-one coaching sessions, post-training and end-user support. Alex joined Mediaocean in 2007 and specializes in print, digital and network media buying.

Suzi Pursell

Suzi Pursell is a senior support specialist and trainer specializing in finance and production across multiple Mediaocean applications. Suzi has 11 years of experience in client support roles, and she brings this expertise into her training sessions. Prior to Mediaocean, Suzi was a support analyst for a financial software company.

Pam Willis

Pam has been a member of the Mediaocean family for over 10 years as a senior support specialist and trainer for Print Media. Prior to joining Mediaocean, Pam spent over 20 years as a Print Media planner/buyer for many of advertising agencies whose clients included Pfizer, J&J, and Nestle. The wealth and knowledge she obtained during that time gives her a strong understanding of Print and the advertising workflow on the agency side. Pam holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business administration from CCNY in New York.