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Welcome to the Summer of Sport hub

The best marketers and athletes have a lot in common, including improvement through practice, flexibility, and reliance on data for optimum performance. Our summer of sport webinar and companion report will improve your game.

tennis player
tennis player

The Omnichannel Imperative: Summer of Sport Webinar

Hear from industry experts across TV and social, including Katie Gilsenan (Trends Manager at GWI), David Grainger (Chief Strategy Officer at iProspect UK), Cal Knight (Head of Global Agency & Platform Solutions at Twitter), Rachel Lyall (Director of Marketing, EMEA & APAC at Mediaocean), and Stuart Smith (EVP, Customer Success at Mediaocean).

Watch the recording to see our panel discuss:

  • The challenges for marketers ahead of the Summer of Sport
  • The opportunities for advertisers with hybrid sporting events
  • Practical tips and strategies to reach your audience

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Summer of Sport Report

This summer, there are so many new opportunities for engaging sports fans at home through digital channels. An omnichannel approach combined with better instincts for reactive marketing greatly increase your odds of winning the season.

Download the report and learn more about:

  • Strategies for reaching your audience and capturing their attention
  • How to train yourself to find those special “in-the-moment” moments during live sporting events
  • How the best marketers always manage to wow the crowds
Summer of Sport report image
Summer of Sport report image

The main events


11th June - 11th July

The 2021 UEFA European football championship


28th June - 11th July

The most prestigious and oldest tennis tournament in the world.

Summer Games

23rd July - 8th August

Major international multi-sport event normally held once every four years.