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Mediaocean Support: Fast, Efficient, and There When You Need It

September 09, 2013

Since the launch of our web-based Mediaocean Support site in March, we’ve been able to provide our clients with an overall improvement in the speed, efficiency, and ease with which their issues are resolved.

With 3050 unique visitors and an average time of only 42 minutes a visit, the site has made both submitting and managing ticket requests faster and more efficient.  Since its launch, we’ve seen an average increase of 16% unique external visitors, month-over-month, and our customer satisfaction is at 97%!

This one-stop-shop for Mediaocean support also offers general system and coverage notices, the ability to search through resources in the knowledge base, and quick links to specific areas, such as our training calendar.

Our goal has always been to provide the highest quality support for our clients, and we’re happy to know that the new site is helping us do just that.


See for yourself! Visit to explore our expansive knowledge base, get training, or resolve an issue.