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Optica: A Transformational Idea for Managing Spot Ads in Real-Time

by Mediaocean Marketing
By Todd Porch
March 20, 2014

As the theme of this year’s 4As Conference, Transformation: The Idea Effect reminds us, advertising changes constantly.

Through the execution of great ideas, the business of advertising transforms itself in step with changes in media, technology and popular culture that influence audience delivery.

One of the greatest transformations affecting today’s ad agencies, regardless of their size, is their ability to seize the growing number of real-time media buying opportunities that allow them to improve the effectiveness of their creative messages across a wide range of addressable advertising platforms.

There is the growing importance of video as marketers look for the most effective way to reach the right consumer at the right time with the right message. While many believed digital media would replace television as the dominant advertising medium, the trend has actually been the opposite. Television viewership continues to grow, extending its role as a trusted medium across the online and mobile media platforms. In addition, it now offers many of the audience targeting and measurement tools that are available on digital media platforms, allowing agencies and advertisers to generate the greatest possible ROI on their media purchases.

This shift toward integrated media buying requires agencies to also integrate their advertising management platforms.  Until now, many of the steps from creative brief to production to traffic and delivery have been labor-intensive and used different ad management processes for their television and digital media advertising spots.

However, an ad can only be delivered as fast as its slowest process for audience targeting, creative, media buying, asset delivery and ROI analysis.

With that challenge in mind, the essential components for optimizing video advertising management include:

  • Allowing easy access to audience and media outlet data, including composition, research, historical rates and standardized RFPs,
  • Automating workflows and collecting data for the entire spot management process in one master location for use by agencies, their creative and post houses and media destinations,
  • Providing a unified “dashboard” view of campaigns and creative processes,
  • Integrating with a talent database so creative can be quickly swapped with the guarantee that talent and commercial are in-cycle, with all royalties and rights are cleared,
  • Synchronizing media management to the agency’s in-house and contracted suppliers for bill/pay and financial reporting systems,
  • Fast and reliable asset delivery to media outlets nationwide using a high-capacity, fiber-based content network

Three companies capable of delivering such an integrated platform have teamed up to make the solution envisioned a reality.

Comcast, one of the fastest fiber-optic networks in the country; Talent Partners, the largest talent paymaster; and Mediaocean, the industry’s leading advertising enterprise software provider, have combined their capabilities to create Optica, an integrated spot advertising management solution that addresses these requirements and more.

In keeping with this year’s 4As challenge to continually  “Rethink, Reprogram and Reboot” our businesses, Optica represents the realization of a great idea for fostering holistic management across agency units and laying a critical framework for the future of audience delivery.

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