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The Power of Sharing

June 04, 2015

At, we believe in the power of TV to motivate consumers to pick up their smartphones and engage with a brand’s creative – particularly if they think they might end up on screen.  Brands are increasingly incorporating contests to gather the best social media content – primarily Instagram photos and Tweets – as a way to boost consumer awareness and engagement.  For consumers, these contests offer them a chance to get their “15 minutes of fame.”  Social advertising campaigns are clearly mutually beneficial, and our platform, Story, makes this an easy reality for brands, agencies, and consumers.

When a user engages with a brand’s hashtag, we quickly and easily gather that content and layer it onto the creative (TV and digital) within minutes.  Keeping this process as near real-time as possible is critical, so that the creative stays fresh and engaging. Over the past 18 months, we conducted campaign research that proves successful social advertising can lead to a big uplift in a brand’s ROI.

One of our biggest success stories was with Coca Cola last summer in Sweden.  Consumers “shared a Coke,” publishing Coke-related Instagram photos to be featured on air in the Coca-Cola commercial.  Every time the spot aired, we made sure it featured new Instagram photos, from new consumers. This regular spot versioning allowed for greater reach, leading to greater engagement and actionable results.  

But don’t just take our word for how powerful TV ads can be for brand engagement.  Here’s what the USA network team found during their Psych series finale month, when they encouraged users to send in their #SadGus photos (imitations of the show’s character):

48% more audience draw (18-49) than other promo minutes.

44% more audience draw (18-49) than other commercial minutes.

Source: Nielsen, 3/19/14, 9-10p, promo minute average excludes #SadGus promo minutes, Live+SD data; SocialGuide (ranked on live or new episodes)

We also added 4 minutes of dwell time to the show.

What does this tell us?  Social engagement possesses the power to amplify the impact of TV, and vice versa.  And with the industry moving toward TV/video convergence, this power will increase even more. The consumer’s world is screen-agnostic, and the technology is there to provide cost-effective creative versioning at scale, ready and waiting for the industry to adopt.   



  • Founded in 1999 offers a range of social TV toolkits for broadcasters and ad agencies to create forms of TV engagement for live and pre-recorded programming and adverts.
  • Its most popular platform is STORY which has been specifically designed for news, entertainment, sports producers and ad agencies tasked with creating social elements for on-air events
  • Story's easy-to-use visual interface allows content producers and agencies to intuitively gather, manage and insert social content into programming and advertising by aggregating user-generated and geo-located content from all major social media sites directly
  • Additionally, Story can drive companion apps that enable viewers to interact with their televisions and adverts using an iPad, tablet, PC or smartphone
  • All viewer interactions are high trackable and can generate valuable consumer insight and behavioural data
  • Originally based in Oslo, now has offices in New York, MediaCityUK and Sydney
  • It has a diverse international customer base including global brands such as Sky, Al Jazeera, CBC, Fox Sports, NBC Universal, SMV, MBC, MTG, QVC, SMG, Sprint, TV 2, Televisa, SWR, TVNZ, Univision, Viacom and Viasat 
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