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The Roundup (Nov 2nd-9th)

by Mediaocean Marketing
November 09, 2012

Obama vs. Romney; Campaign Display Ads and the Presidential Election

Several articles addressed the role of digital media and display ads in the recent presidential election.  Both AdWeek’s “Romney Didn’t Crack Top 100 Display Ad List Until October,” and Business Insider’s “Obama Spent More On Online Ads Than It Cost To Build The Lincoln Memorial” pieces looked at online spending, while Digiday focused on the web content itself in its “The Presidential Campaign’s Best Web Content” story.

Using data provided by Moat, an ad search and analytics company, Adweek focused on determining just how much each campaign spent in online advertising as well as when: “The results, which are ranked by total ad volume (and not spending), show that when it comes to digital display, not only was Romney well behind Obama but that the candidate didn’t even crack the top 100 U.S. advertisers for online display until October. In fact, in September Obama was the 16th most active display advertiser in the U.S. while Romney was nowhere to be found.”

Digiday focused on the content itself as well as the way in which each campaign engaged internet users.  For example, in regards to Tumblr: “With a much larger Tumblr presence, Team Obama’s posts gathered more momentum than Team Romney. Indeed, Romney’s Tumblr averages 539 notes per post and Obama’s Tumblr averages 2,909 notes per post. These numbers have less to do with the content and more to do with the strategy each campaign deploys: Romney uses Tumblr as a straight-forward way of posting pieces of content, whereas Obama, while also posting a lot, interacts with the Tumblr community by taking submissions and reblogging others.”