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The Weekly Roundup- July 10, 2014

July 10, 2014

Nielsen and Kraft Pilot New Brand Tracking Tool

Nielsen's new product MTA, or multitouch attribution, provides brands with a new-to-purchase correlation so they can see which ads are driving sales down to the individual buy.  Through partnerships with Acxiom, Experian, and ROI-data joint venture Nielsen-Catalina, Neilsen can cross-reference transaction records with view habits.



World Cup Shows Why Sports Is Driving the World's Biggest Media Mergers

More Americans have watched the US soccer team this year than ever before.  The increased popularity for pay-per TV sports has catalyzed mergers of two of the biggest acquisitions in the world this year for pay-TV operators— AT&T's bid for DirecTV and Comcast's merger with Time Warner Cable.


The Secret Sauce For Twitter's Global Growth Strategy: Subsidized Data

Twitter pushes to expand globally, getting more users by subsidizing data demands in countries with high data costs such as Brazil, Indonesia, and India.  Facebook, Tancent, Kakao Talk, Line, and Google have offered similar deals.