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Marketers frequently reference the John Wannamaker quote, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half” when talking about their struggle with advertising spend, especially for cross-channel campaigns. But to overcome this, marketers can apply four principles of direct-response to improve their understanding of return on ad spend. 

The May WannaCry attack and the June Petya attacks have received a great deal of news coverage, and advertising and ad-tech companies were among those majorly disrupted by these attacks.

The buying and selling of media is changing.  ‘Programmatic’ developed first in the unsold inventory of digital display media but has now evolved into a way of thinking that uses massive and diverse data, coupled with automation, through cloud-based, a

Panelists from Mediaocean, MediaMath, Publicis Groupe, and VideoAmp join AdExchanger at MediaOcean HQ Connect Series Event to Discuss the Evolution of Programmatic.

Panelists from Mediaocean, MediaMath, Publicis Groupe, and VideoAmp join AdExchanger at Mediaocean HQ Connect Series event to discuss the evolution of programmatic.

This past week, CEO Bill Wise sat down with Zach Rodgers from AdExchanger.

Is Google ready for the TV business of tomorrow? As TV and digital advertising collide, digital companies face real challenges in the convergence ahead. 

If advertisers are to regain the trust of consumers, the government must enact new internet privacy regulations that meet and exceed the repealed Internet Privacy rules. 

TV’s digital moment has arrived. Within the very week in which Netflix and Amazon scored Oscar wins, YouTube announced YouTube TV—its planned subscription service bringing major network content to YouTube viewers. The volume of IP delivered TV continues to grow, and the demand for more precise TV measurement grows.

In an op-ed on Linkedin, Mediaocean's CEO Bill Wise discusses how a robust TV ad market along with endless digital opportunity means TV is the real winner this upcoming Oscars week.