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Mediaocean automatise chaque aspect du flux de processus publicitaire, de la planification au règlement en passant par l'achat, la vente et la facturation, sans oublier l'analyse et l'optimisation des campagnes.

Nos plateformes cross-média ouvertes soutiennent des budgets médias de 140 milliards de dollars dans le monde entier.

Nos produits


Plateforme de planification et d'analyse cross-média



Plateforme de gestion des achats pour les médias numériques


Syncbak and Mediaocean partnership allows buyers to purchase premium OTT inventory using traditional linear workflows.

Learning software applications that are mission-critical to managing large media budgets and campaigns is not easy, especially when dealing with millions, potentially billions, of dollars. End users, especially new ones, can be overwhelmed with the task. They might feel equally overwhelmed by the number of learning resources available, from online help, to user guides, to live training.

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