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Mediaocean automatise chaque aspect du flux de processus publicitaire, de la planification au règlement en passant par l'achat, la vente et la facturation, sans oublier l'analyse et l'optimisation des campagnes.

Nos plateformes cross-média ouvertes soutiennent des budgets médias de 140 milliards de dollars dans le monde entier.

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Plateforme de planification et d'analyse cross-média



Plateforme de gestion des achats pour les médias numériques


New York, NY - August 20, 2019 – Mediaocean, the foundational software provider for the advertising world, today announced it was named a finalist in the ninth annual Constellation SuperNova Awards for its work on a Blockchain production pilot for advertising media supply chain. Built using IBM’s Blockchain Platform, the solution tackled issues of transparency, trust and accountability in the advertising ecosystem. 

Chief Product Officer of Mediaocean Manu Warikoo and IBM Executive Partner of Global Marketing iX Babs Rangaiah discuss the efficiency and future of blockchain for media. Warikoo expects 2020 to be a big year for blockchain and notes that more complexity can be added to its current foundation of media buying and planning.

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