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Mediaocean automatise chaque aspect du flux de processus publicitaire, de la planification au règlement en passant par l'achat, la vente et la facturation, sans oublier l'analyse et l'optimisation des campagnes.

Nos plateformes cross-média ouvertes soutiennent des budgets médias de 140 milliards de dollars dans le monde entier.

Nos produits


Plateforme de planification et d'analyse cross-média



Plateforme de gestion des achats pour les médias numériques


On May 21, 2017, Mediaocean CEO Bill Wise appeared on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland to discuss how Mediaocean plays an integral role in enabling brands, agencies and media sellers to thrive in today's complex advertising industry. 

When building up a tech stack, you want to avoid three key frustrations: solutions that require additional log-ins, more data to extract, and lengthy ramp-up to incorporate in their own workflows. Mediaocean's Connect knows this well. In fact, an entire arm of business has been built in order to help clients’ simplify their integration of the latest tools, technologies, and suppliers. We outline what some of those basic principles are so you can use in them when building your own tech stack.

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